Why do you still suffer from weight issues when you can lose weight by drinking herbal tea, Fatbuster?

Fatbuster is an all natural herbal slenderizing tea.
It is created based on an ancient recipe, using a combination of herbs that work synergistically to aid the body to function effectively.
Fatbuster herbal teas are made from the highest quality herbs and are a purely natural way to lose weight.
This tantalizing blend will warm your spirits and satisfy your urge with a unique and fulfilling taste.

  • 100% Natural
  • No Caffeine
  • Kosher Certified

(Not recommended for children under 12, pregnant women or the elderly. Contains senna.)


Metabolic Energy (natural fat burning)
Fatbuster Tea boosts your metabolism. It is the metabolic activity of your body that determines the amount if calories that you actually burn. Fatbuster Tea helps you burn more calories than usual. Because you are burning more calories and your calorie consumption remains constant, your body is forced to use the existing fat reserves for energy. This aids in the weight loss process. Its works without affecting the nutritional value of the food that was just consumed.

Elimination of Toxic Waste
Unhealthy or over eating often builds up excess toxins in the body as a result from byproducts of foods that are not fully digested or assimilated in the cell structure. We are not biologically adept to deal with much of the food consumed in today’s fast paced society because it has been excessively processed or altered from its original state. Thus, the incidence of toxic waste buildup in the body is high and will adversely affect your health and weight. Fatbuster helps to eliminate these toxins.

Helps Reduce Cravings
Sometimes food cravings can come about from boredom or simply needing something to do while at the computer or watching TV. Tea is great way to keep your mind busy and off food. Even better it can help your body burn fat. Weight loss is all about managing your calorie intake while also satisfying cravings and Fatbuster Tea does just that. As an extra bonus, certain herbs help aid weight loss such as the case with green and herbal teas. Also, liquids of all kinds tend to make the stomach feel fuller longer.

Ancient Herbal Formula
Fatbuster teas are created from an ancient recipe, using a combination of herbs that work synergistically to help the body function effectively. Herbs have been used for centuries as a natural way to aid in the body’s ability to heal itself. The use of plants for healing purposes predates recorded history and forms the origin of much of modern medicine. Herbal medicine has a long and respected history. Many common medications used today were developed from ancient healing traditions which treated health problems with specific plants.


Fatbuster was invented over 30 years ago by Dr. Robert Hwang, a herbalist who spent years studying the effects of natural herbal blends on overall health.

Having had a weight problem for most of his life, Dr. Hwang was determined to develop an herbal blend that would have the effect of optimizing body weight while improving health. Dr. Hwang was displeased with the offerings of dietary herbal blends on the market – some acted as appetite suppressants with a deleterious effect on overall health, while others cause digestive disorders such as diarrhea and cramps.

Finally, he invented Fatbuster Tea and it became the first herbal blend in the US that aids in weight loss while promoting overall health. Additionally, it works without affecting the nutritional value of the food that was just consumed.

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